Affairs: Why Married People Have Extra-Marital Affairs

We all have heard the phrase called “opposite attracts” by any means it can be the nature or physical appearance or like mindedness’ reasons can be any or many to be listed. In consensus 62% spouses are having extra-marital affairs; the main reason for affair is money, love, sex and care. In marriages, companions start losing spark as the time passes by due to the increase in burden or responsibilities which somewhere results in extra marital affairs (EMA). No offense with technology but technology has biggest role in contributing EMA as it has given easy access to seek attention of others when required as earlier striking a friendship and building to a crescendo was never easier but technology has made it one simple click away through virtual communication which made EMA born.

Now question arises why do people have secret affairs or marital affairs? Is they lacking spark or is it sex they lacking in their marriages? Does the understanding between two is absent?


Controversies ( During affairs )

EMA arises due to dissatisfaction or boredom due to which you start look elsewhere to meet your needs. It can be majorly of two kinds-sexual or emotional affairs. Sexual relations as the name suggest where your partner cannot satisfy you in bed and that is why you look for third person to maintain physical relationship to satisfy your physical need. Emotional relations are those where you share your secrets to the third person over your spouse. Many a times those emotional relations turn into sexual affairs if not then also it impacts into the marriage due to the importance given to the third person over the soul mate or partner.

Many studies revealed that there isn’t be any one reason that leads into secret affairs but results shows that there are two big reasons for the same for example= for men- its sex and attention, for women- sensitive support and medicine for aloneness. Women are seems more emotional then men they need more love then understanding in a relation similarly men appreciates for their power and intellectual capabilities requires more of understanding in a relationship and hesitate to open up with each other.

If you want to avoid Extra-Marital Affairs which can create hassle in your marriage

  • Interaction rule, which offer you comfort that you can be yourself in front of your partner and no need of faking talks to cover yourself and that interaction or communication should be on regular basis so that you both are comfortable to share not only home related issues but everything going on in your life, need to be open to each other.
  • Physical closeness produces more sparks to your relationship so do not lose it in your marriage do spend most of the time with each other.
  • Be realistic and keep in mind that nobody is perfect everybody lacks something in it and every marriage journey has ups and downs, it never always be up or never be always down. Retain your hope genuine.
  • Comparison need to be avoided. I really don’t understand why people do compare their lives with others every relation has different journey likewise people are different by their attitude, perception etc. similarly you have altogether different or unique relationship that need to be hold and what other do that is neither your concern.



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Lastly, I would like to add that whether you like it or not but its trendy, it can be at workplace, neighbourhood or family too but when its over, results into not only unfaithfulness but also gives lessons. Lessons of growth and discovery.