7 Sign’s You Are Losing Your Relationship

13382753014_219a00f133_bShocked by the subject… don’t be!! There are signs which meant he/she is losing the interest in relationship..I know it’s really very sad when you realise that the person whom you cares a lot is losing interest in you, if it is happening, you need to prepare yourself. Confrontation is the best option always, yet if you can’t do that, you still have option to figure out through the signs. Just follow the tips.

  1. Less phone calls than usual

This is most common yet important sign where your hour calls barely come every day. He/she is trying to avoid you and doesn’t show any interest in talking to you & hiding about what is going in their life. That’s the signal that something fishy is going on….

You are losing Your Relationship

  1. Avoiding plans for hanging

There are instances where people are busy they didn’t have time to make plans for a week or so that doesn’t mean that they are losing interest in you…but if it’s happening constantly with you when you make plan with him/her. This is sign that he/she is losing interest in relationship with you.beautiful-772117_1280

  1. Intimacy

Intimacy is really important in a relationship and any alteration is the sign of losing interest of a partner in a relation. Example- if your partner likes to hold your hands, giving you kisses and hugs and he/she discontinues it suddenly, there is a red flag, you should take care of it.

  1. Stops noticing changes in you

There are cases where we really don’t notice that the other one had a new hairstyle or wore a new dress. But if u had really a drastic change on your looks and still he/she doesn’t notice then it’s a problem. If your partner doesn’t notice and do not make any effort to make you feel nice, this is a sign that him/her interest is decreasing.

  1. Filling gaps with excuses

Whenever you ask to spent time with him/her and he/she seems to make excuses, it’s a case of high alert. Once or twice mean nothing but if it is constant than understand your relationship’s end chapter is near.

  1. One word reply

Texting is a common way to communicate nowadays but when texting become short i.e. from 2-3lines or Para to just one word reply (“hmm”, “okay” etc.) like he/she is trying to over the conversation constantly then you are dealing with a bigger issue.

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  1. Tolerance level

Earlier the things that you do normally and he/she disliked them, suddenly he/she stops doing that like for instance- you talking to your past boyfriend or girlfriend, a girl or boy your partner hated, your late night dinner habit etc. and now they stopped. This is a sign they are losing interest in you and not anymore care about what you do.

you are losing interest in your relationship

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You are losing Your Relationship

You are losing Your Relationship


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