windows tricksThe hidden features of windows that I am going to show will not only save your time but also allows you to have full control on your Windows OS. These tricks work flawlessly for windows 7 and windows 8 or 8.1

The best 15 windows tricks are:

  1. Launch task bar programs from your keyboard

Windows OS allow us to quickly open those programs which are regularly used by us, by including them into the taskbar which means we can use taskbar as a quick launch bar.

But here is a thing, we can in fact launch them in a lot quicker way.

Windows assigned numerical shortcuts to each taskbar programs, with First program being “1”, second being “2” and so on up till tenth taskbar program, which is assigned “0”.

You can hold “windows key” + the number of the program that you want to open.

windows tricks

Now if I want to open Google chrome, I’ll simply use windows key + 7.

  1. Quickly launch a new window of a program

Windows taskbar programs can also be used to quickly open a new instance of a program i.e. a new window for an already populated program.

You can acomplish this task, simply by holding “shift key” and click on the already populated program or you can hold “shift key” and doing aforementioned keyboard trick and VOILA! A new window of already opened program is popped up.

For example I have launched new windows of already opened Google chrome.

  1. Copy a file path to clipboard

But why do we need a path of any file or folder? There may be a case where we have to tell someone about how to reach for any particular path.

It is very handy thing and can be used in various different situations.

So to copy the path of any file to clipboard you need to hold down “shift key” and right click the file or folder, then select the option “copy the path”. Now the path of that file is copied to clipboard and you can now paste it anywhere you want to.

windows tricks

  1. Hidden right click options

Right click functionalities are not ended yet.

Send to tool is used to right click any file any and send that file to different location in your computer or you can also create a zip file of it.

But that is just the tip of Everest! By holding “Shift key”, and then right click to any file or folder will enable lots of other new locations to the basic send to menu.

  1. Tweaking the send to menu

Send to option is not only used to send files to various location of your computer, we can actually shuffle any file to various location that you commonly use. Now you probably thinking that it is not possible, none of the stock send to option allows us to do so, but we can force it to do so.

First, you have to create shortcuts to folder locations where you like to add to the send to menu by right clicking them, then selecting send to desktop (create shortcut). Once you done with that step, open windows explorer and type “shell:sendto” in the location bar then hit enter. Then you will find yourself in the location that controls your send to options, now drag & drop in the shortcuts to the folder that you want to add the tool.

  1. Erase the past

During the shuffling of files we sometimes accidentally drop the file or just create copies of various files which are very irritating and annoying.

In that case the universal saviour comes for us that can actually undo what we had done, yes you get that right! Ctrl + Z also works in windows, and all the mistakes you had done will be restored.

windows tricks

  1. Mouse friendly check boxes

Sometimes you feel tired of holding ctrl button just because there are too many files and folders for performing various operations.

In that case you just have to activate item check boxes which enables you to select multiple files without holding ctrl button.

For Windows 8 go to view option and select item check boxes.

For Windows 7, go to start menu and type folders option then open the view tab, and make sure that “use select boxes to select items is checked”.

windows tricks

  1. Aero snap desktop windows

This is the most appealing side of windows 8 where you can start multitasking by simply drag the window to the left or right side and windows OS automatically resize it to fill half window.

Same task can also be performed through keyboard commands, windows key + up arrow/down arrow/left arrow/right arrow.

 windows tricks

  1. Windows awesome rarely used search tools

Each and every one of us search windows using start menu or type to search on windows 8 start screen. But in windows OS there is one more type of searching is available in which is powerful than regular search.

Open windows explorer and search using search box which is available in the top right corner. This advance search tool offers different types of filter so as to make a quick and accurate search.

By clicking the magnifying glass icon and dragging it in the file location bar will create a custom shortcut to the desired location.

windows tricks

  1. Pin common items to jump list

In the programs or applications of task bar you can pin custom search shortcut so that whenever you right click on them they show various pinned list which allows quick access to stored data.

Generally the program’s jump list contains recent files that you have accessed, you can also delete them, pin or unpin them as per your convenience.

windows tricks

  1. Increase number of items in jump list

If you heavily dependent on jump list as I do, then you will soon crosses the time when you cannot pin anymore custom search shortcut then what will you do?

Just right click on taskbar and go to properties section, and click jump list where you can see number of recent items to display, increase it according to your need.

windows tricks

  1. Adding new folders to file explorer’s favorites

Another quick way to open files and folder is by adding them to favorites, but adding those folders or files are not so cool, however.

You can either drag & drop any folder in the left pane of windows explorer onto Favorites icon or you can navigate to your folder’s location and right click the favorites icon and select add current location to Favorites.
windows tricks

  1. DIY keyboard shortcuts

No doubt windows has bunch of shortcuts for us and also provided the space to create our own shortcuts so that we can have full command on windows.

All you have to do is to right click on properties of Program’s launch icon, then open shortcut tab and click “shortcut key” and for that windows will assign ctrl+alt+<key of your choice> as a shortcut to open the program.

This is the most useful windows trick.

windows tricks


  1. Browsing the web and pc through taskbar

You can add functionality to your toolbar, if your toolbar is not overloaded.

For that right click on taskbar and open properties, then toolbar tab and there you can see the list of windows available toolbar. Now check those option that you want and hit OK. I prefer to have address and desktop toolbar.

Desktop toolbar includes a menu through which you can access your computer and address toolbar can be used to browse directly any websites through your default browser.

windows tricks

  1. Old school task switcher

Yeah yeah…. I know this is not very cool windows trick but still this is something hidden windows trick which you can use to switch task through the command of alt + tab. So you know this windows trick?!

Then I bet you do not know the fact that windows xp style of switcher can also be used in windows 8… yeah!

Just hold one alt key, now hit other alt key and release one alt key, now press tab to rotate through software like it is 2001.

windows tricks