best computer tricksWatching videos and playing games is just one side of computer, you can do various other things on it, like; programming, designing and so on (,if you love technical field). But, this doesn’t mean that a non technical person cannot do some amazing things on it!

With the computer tricks, that i am going to show you, you’ll be able to do things, that even technical person is unaware of! So here we go….


Top 10 Computer tricks:

1.       Use notepad like a pro

Almost every person who use computer, thinks, that notepad is just a text editor and cannot be used for anything else.

But let me tell you, with notepad; you can create funny virus, matrix falling code and etc. these tricks are enough to make you feel like a hacker. You can read more about notepad capabilities in this article.

2.      Command prompt too has some tricks up its sleeves

Command prompt, the most neglected part of computer, isn’t it? Just because it has no Graphics included doesn’t mean that it is not useful.

With command prompt you can Shutdown any remote computerwatch ASCII version of star warsmake undeletable folders, and the list continues.

To know more about the best command prompt tricks you can check this post.

3.      Make your computer repeat after you

You can make your computer repeat whatever you type just like you usually see in movies. You type anything and your computer will say that in its computerized voice. This is the magic of Visual Basic Script, working behind it.

4.      Make your computer to welcome you on startup

You can use a simple trick, that directs your computer to greet you in its mechanical voice, every time you log in to your windows.

There is no big deal in it, a simple VBS script can be use to achieve this trick. Head over to this article to know more

5.      Know your computer’s gender

Your PC is male or female? You can know about your computer’s gender by simply reading & applying the above trick.

On a serious note, it depends upon the selected voice in Microsoft text to speech options.

6.      Change the name of your processor

Bored with your processor? Then give your processor a breath stopping name!!

Read this article, it guides you through the steps you can use to change the name of your processor

7.      Keyboard trick: make a disco

Doesn’t often go to disco? Don’t worry you can create one at your computer’s keyboard. With this keyboard trick, your keyboard’s LED’s start glowing in some cool rhythmic way which on seeing gives perception of disco.

Read more about this trick in this article

8.     Use your keyboard as mouse

Do you know that you can actually use your keyboard as mouse? It is the reverse of using your mouse as keyboard, using on-screen keyboard utility.

Go to this post to know more about this trick

9.      Disable all the USB ports on your computer

If your friends are always taking your data away, without letting you know or someone trying to give you virus on your computer through their flash drives, then you can stop them by disabling the USB ports of your computer. Read this post for more information

10.  Windows OS tricks

If you are using windows operating system and waists lot of time for simple tasks then head over to my 15 best windows OS tricks, where you will find some amazing tips and tricks for windows that will make you a pro at using windows.

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