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Thank you so much for your interest in ohkweb.com

Guest post is something I call a chain, a community, a relationship between readers and the person who shares knowledge eternally, and here, in ohkweb we provide you the opportunity to share your knowledge with our readers.

Why to choose ohkweb for guest post?

We give opportunity to all those peoples who have just started their career in blogging, for those who bears great knowledge in this field and for those too who love to write and share knowledge with others.

But I write about non technical things….

Not an issue, there is no boundation on what you write about, just let us know in which domain you want to share your knowledge with our readers and we try to make space for that too in this blog, if didn’t have one. Come up with a cool, interesting or innovative idea which makes our readers happy and you are most welcome.

Is it means there are no conditions at all?

No! We just want two things from you:

  1. Article must not copied from any other site: it must be 100% genuine that is produced by you only and not by anybody else; before posting the article we will examine it – whether or not the article has unique content.
  2. Article must not be too small: take a look at our previous articles you will get to know our taste. Article you write must at least be of 400 words, and that too provides sufficient knowledge about that topic you are writing.

What you will I get in return?

As you are giving your precious time to our readers and to this bog, we will also provide you the equal benefits for your efforts by providing:

  1. A backlink to your website
  2.  Separate author page – in which you can create your bio and links your published articles and to your fan page
  3. Help from other authors of this blog and from admin too – If at some point you stuck and you have no clue what to do next you can take every possible help from our side. Not only this you will get support for your website too, in terms of audience building, promotional activity or any kind of help
  4. Guest post on your website – If you want any guest post to your website then we will provide that support too

Is there any charges for writing a post on ohkweb?

Absolutely not, how could we!

You are putting your efforts and time to this blog, so we simply cannot.

So lastly I just want to say that you will get great benefits from our side, we will provide you anything which is possible and you will gain extra knowledge, promotion, experience by working together as a team…

Still got any query?

I have tried to cover most of the part but if you still have any query then you can ask us by clicking here

How can I join?

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