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computer tricksBest Computer Tricks:

Want to get feeling of hacker in your gut? Then this section is perfect for you.

Try these top 10 computer tricks and impress your friends

Notepad tricks:

1) Don’t think notepad can do much?  Then see these Amazing Notepad tricks for windows operating system and get ready to be amazed!! Whats in it? – Learn how to create – a matrix falling effect – funny virus – a message that get displays continuously – personal diary.

2) Make your computer talk by using your notepad, after that your computer will talk to you in its mechanical voice, just like you saw in movies!

Command prompt tricks:

1) So you think command prompt are useless? Then i will prove you wrong!! Try the Best Command Prompt tricks and feel the power of command prompt!

2) Learn different ways of shutting down your computer & any remote computer through Command prompt and shutdown computer like a hacker!!

3) You definitely have seen popular movie star wars, but i doubt that whether you seen its ASCII version on command prompt or not! If not, then you should see it right now.

Windows tricks:

1) Top 15 windows tricks that will make you a pro on windows operating system!!

2) Get greetings from your computer at every startup with simple windows trick!!

3) Got an old processor that has annoying name? Then give your processor a breath-taking name with this easy trick

4) Got LED lights on your keyboard which shows locking state of caps, numeric and scroll lock? Then lets make those LED to do some disco

Registry tricks:

1) Add Encrypt or decrypt options to windows right click menu

internet tricksBest Internet tricks:

This section includes all the internet tricks to which you can try your hands on. All the tricks in this section are not only interesting but funny too which includes – Google tricks – Web Browser tricks – so on.. Now lets roll into it:

Google tricks:

1) Watch these funny tricks & jokes on I’m Feeling Lucky on Google and see what Google search brings for you.

2) Have you ever watch Google easter eggs on I’m Feeling Lucky ? If not, then watch it now and get amazed!!

3) Do you know secret tricks of Google? If not, then don’t miss them.

Browser tricks:

1) Be a pro of Mozilla Firefox by learning these 10 Firefox tricks

2) If you are a chrome lover like me, then you should be using some tricks while browsing which will not only saves your time but also enhances the browsing experience. These 20 hidden Google chrome tricks and features are already provided in Google chrome but most of people are unaware about it.

3) Most of the peoples know how to edit any webpage on internet, isn’t it? But how about editing a web page with a single click.

Social Media tricks:

1) Do you love being famous on Instagram? Then try these top 10 ways to get more followers and see how your followers list increases in few days.

2) If you haven’t tried any Facebook trick then i highly suggest you to take a look at these 15 awesome Facebook tricks.

E-Mail tricks:

1) Prefer Gmail over other mails? Then you should know these 10 Gmail tricks & feature that will definitely helps you out in improving your overall performance and you can quickly change any mistake done from your side easily, for an instance – you have to send a mail with written part and some attached files, you have prepared the written part very well and send that file to your client without attaching any file into it, BOOM, now what?! In that case this trick will help you out and not only this on many other cases like this.

YouTube tricks:

1)  Nothing is better than these 10 YouTube tricks to have fun with

software tricksBest Software Tricks:

Now in this section you will get an insight of softwares, so that you will know how to get various things done from a particular software.

1)  You only use VLC media player to play videos? But you can also cut, convert and resize any video easily in it.

2) Do you want specific information from large database in MS Excel then check Advanced Excel tips: Vlookup & Hlookup, Give it a try and you get what required.

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