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How To : Computer Solutionscomputer tricks

In this section you will find basic queries about computer and their simple solutions.

1) Don’t let anyone to insert pen drive to your PC and steal your data without your knowledge by disabling all USB ports on your computer, it can also be used to protect your PC from infected flash drives.

2) Is your mouse not working? Don’t panic, learn how to use your keyboard as mouse

3) Want to install Operating system from your pen drive!! Then learn how to make a bootable pendrive

4) Do you want your computer to talk with you? If yes, then learn how to do this trick which will make your computer talk.

5) Learn how to shutdown your/remote computer through command prompt, and shutdown any computer in a different way.

6) Started coding in Java? But first you should know how to set path of JDK in Windows/Linux OS, so that you can use tools of Java.

7) Don’t let anyone to delete or modify your folders by creating Undeletable and unrenamable folder in windows.

8) Are your Flash drives and computer infected from shortcut virus? Then learn how to remove that shortcut virus from your flash drive and computer now.

9) Accidentally removed Bluetooth icon in windows? Then you should know How to Show/Add Bluetooth icon in notification tray.

10) Is booting time of your computer is increased then learn how to speed up your computer’s booting

How To : Social Media Solutionssocial media tricks

In this section you will find some commonly asked queries over social media and cool way of getting rid of that problem.

1) Are you bored with the simple theme of Facebook? Want to give it a cool look? Then learn how to change Facebook theme and give it a cool look

2) Did you just deleted your Facebook data? And now cursing yourself for doing so?! Or you might deleted it unintentionally, whatever be the reason, its deleted!! No worries, learn how to recover your Facebook data

3) Do you know that you can have followers like twitter on your Facebook account? But you must have a follow button so that peoples can follow you! Learn how to get follow button on Facebook & on website – if you have website then learn how add a follow button on it.

4)Are you new to Instagram?Don’t know what you can do? Then try  top 10 ways to get more followers and see how you enjoy being on instagram.

How To : Internet Solutionsinternet tricks

In this section you will find some queries related to browsers, E-mail accounts, applications, network related and many more..

1) Is your college/office/campus does not allow you to download and surf from various site? No problem, you are just bounded by software and no one else – learn how to unblock blocked downloading in college and office WIFI

2) Do you use Google chrome for storing passwords for various sites? Then learn how to protect those saved passwords in Google chrome

3) Does battery of your phone dies too soon? Then learn how to increase the battery life of your electronic gadget

4) Have you heard about new Airtel upgrade 4G? If not, then you must know how to upgrade your old Airtel sim to 4G for free

5) So you don’t have internet every time on your computer for reading and browsing websites, no worries!! Learn how to download full website for offline reading and browsing

6) Learn how to use Evernote clipper and enjoy offline reading and sharing

7) If you are finding your WIFI password or want to change it either from computer or mobile then, learn how to change password of your WIFI

8) Worried about your privacy on Facebook? Learn how to block those companies that are tracking you on Facebook

9) Getting Emails from a person you don’t know? Want to know more about that person? Then learn How to find person behind an email address easily

How To : Software Solutionssoftware tricks

In this section you will find solutions to various software related queries.

1) Everyone uses VLC media player for playing videos, but you can also cut, convert and resize any video of any format easily in it.

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How To : Android Solutions

In this section you will find solutions to various android related queries.

1) Are you bothered by those frequent Play store errors ? Then learn about different Types of Google Play Store errors and how to solve them.